Our Guide to Home Maintenance in Summer

Posted on August 2, 2018.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your home looks its best at all times and retains its market value throughout the year is to take care of it. That means carrying out some seasonal maintenance checks and repairing any damage you have spotted. Follow our advice to find out what jobs are best tackled during the warmer summer months. After all, you’ll want to impress your guests during BBQ season!

Check the Timber

Firstly, check all timbers and cladding for traces of decay. That doesn’t just mean giving your garden fence a once over but also your window frames. Cracks and flakes often appear in wood after exposure to harsh weather conditions such as sunlight or frost, so it’s best to update the paintwork regularly to prevent this from happening.

Cut Back Plants

If you have any climbing plants such as ivy, summer is a great time to trim them back so that they don’t damage the stone beneath. It will also prevent them from covering your windows or blocking your gutters. You should also cut back any big trees and shrubs that are planted close to the house to avoid any damage to the foundations of your home.

Avoids Pests & Mould

As well as external tasks, there are also some things you can do indoors during the summer. Firstly, check your loft on a regular basis to ensure there are no pests. If you do happen to have a wasps nest, hire a professional to remove it. You should also make sure to open your curtains and windows often; fresh air and sunlight are great for preventing mould spores.

Clean Your Windows

It’s best to keep your window cleaning for the milder days or in the evenings. This is because sunlight will dry the soap on the glass before you’ve had chance to properly clean it. As a result, you will notice smears and streaks. The inside and outside of your windows will require different types of cleaner, as the outside is typically a lot dirtier.

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