Interior Design Ideas to Match Your Period Home

Posted on June 4, 2018.

Restyling the interior of a period property is exciting, but can come with its own set of challenges.  Modern designs may look out of place and could take away some of the character, so it’s important to closely consider what’s appropriate before you spend any money. We’ve put together our top tips on how to make sure your new design ideas match your period home…


A great way to incorporate the period of your home is through the colour scheme.  Blue-grey and burgundy are typical of the Georgian period, usually with a shiny finish. Green, on the other hand, was a favourite in Victorian times with woodwork usually painted in darker colours.

Mixing old and new

Don’t be afraid to mix modern designs with antiques. Creating a modern kitchen, with the addition of some Victorian utensils could be just the right balance and make an interesting feature in your home.

Keep the character

Some of the benefits to owning a period property are the classic features, such as sash windows, patterned brickwork and wooden beams. By improving their condition, they can become a great centrepiece.

Restoration and Refurbishment of your sash windows is the ideal way to bring out their beauty. What’s more, it can also preserve their original character. To find out more about our timber sash windows refurbishment service, please get in touch.

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