4 Ways to Decorate Your Window Sill

Posted on August 20, 2018.

As far as decoration is concerned, there are lots of little nooks and crannies in every home that are neglected and therefore not reaching their full potential. Window sills are a prime example of this, despite there being lots of brilliant ways to embellish them. If you think it’s time to stop overlooking your window sill and you’re looking for some inspiration, we have four great ideas for you.

1.     Showcase your plants

If you’re a plant lover, your window sill is a great place to keep them! They add a sense of life, colour and beauty to any environment. The quirky side of you could consider putting your plants in various different types of pots, such as mason jars or glass bottles.

2.     Create a romantic ambiance

A great view will help, but placing lots of little tea lights and candles on your window sill will create a warm, romantic glow on an evening; especially as the light reflects and bounces off the glass. If you’re planning a date night, this would be perfect!

3.     Use it for storage

In small rooms, you can’t afford to waste any space! In a home office or craft room, you could place your folders, trays and boxes on your window sill to dress it up and simultaneously clear some space elsewhere in the room.

4.     Build a reading corner

If your window sill is wide enough to sit on, why not add some cushions and a lamp to create a little reading alcove? This is a simple, yet highly rewarding way to dress up a bigger window sill and even give it purpose in your home.

There are plenty of other ways to decorate your window sill and hopefully our ideas have inspired you!

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