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London is home to thousands of beautiful Georgian properties, which benefit from dramatic timber windows and well-designed proportions. It’s an architectural period that is often reflected in more modern buildings since the ‘rules’ of Georgian architecture is so easily transferred to other builds, even if the building only borrows certain features. 

Proportion is always a key consideration with Georgian properties; the golden ratio was heavily influential in Georgian architecture, and it’s essential that replacement windows echo these proportions to avoid looking imbalanced. The classic ‘six over six’ window is typically used as a replacement for many of our clients, but we can discuss all options and offer both maintenance and replacement for any Georgian window, incorporating either a spring-balanced sash or box sash.

The type of Georgian timber window you need depends on the original, and on whether or not your windows are listed as part of the building’s exterior or as a special feature. Listed windows need to be handled more sensitively, with no changes made to the appearance. Non-listed windows are a little simpler to replace or repair – you can even install double glazing and maintain the classic Georgian appearance if you choose.

The majority of windows during this period are sash timber windows, which have the classic six over six design. However, some properties have casement windows which can be repaired and restored just as sensitively.

All of our work – whether replacement, renovation, or restoration – comes with a guarantee. We can make bespoke windows to fit your home or simply replace like for like to ensure that your home keeps its period charm without having to suffer stuck windows, draughts, or unseemly paintwork.

If you have Georgian windows that are in need of some attention or even replacement, get in touch. Our skilled technicians will assess the work and provide recommendations to ensure that you have the windows you want.