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Edwardian Windows

Edwardian buildings were created in 1901-1910, and are very popular throughout London – many public buildings such as The War Office in Whitehall are known for this architectural period, as well as townhouses, apartments, and houses throughout the capital.

Unlike Georgian or Victorian windows, Edwardian windows don’t necessarily have more than 2 panes and have larger panes of glass thanks to technological developments that allowed them to make larger panes economically.

Restoring or Replacing Edwardian Windows

Our experts have worked with Edwardian windows in London for almost two decades. We always try to preserve the original windows, or at least the frames if possible, to ensure that your home is handled sensitively and in a way that retains the original character. Even if replacement is necessary, our technicians have the skills and contacts to ensure that your new windows are almost identical to the originals – simply fresher.

Sensitive replacements are not only for listed buildings – many home owners in period properties prefer to maintain the look and feel of their home since it’s part of the building’s charm and personality. Unfortunately, not all home owners feel this way so some Edwardian buildings may have had modern timber or even uPVC windows fitted over the years. If this is the case and you do not have any images of the original building and windows, we can still replace the windows with a design and materials that fit the time period.

If you are unsure whether your windows need to be replaced or just restored, get in touch. We are always happy to complete an assessment and provide advice to ensure that you can keep  your original windows for as long as feasible. Small repairs, such as changing the sash cords or adjusting the rails, make a big difference to the lifetime of your Edwardian windows too, and ensure that they do not need more drastic repairs in future.